About brave browser pending payout problem

I have another question that, on my brave browser wallet there was 81.37 bat on pending payout. But now It’s showing there was no pending payout reward.please help.

I also show you screenshot.


I have the same problem!

It’s probably an error.

My balance from previous month to now, have not received any payment. They s-cam our BAT.

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Unfortunately, I have the same problem. So sad.

I have the same problem, waths append, lost all money ??? or pay this month, or not more referal program… @admin help.

I have the same problem

And this confirmation belong to April month confirm

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I have same problem.
I don’t get any payment since 9 of April.
Last month miss payment . This month also?
Not possible. Please solve problem. @steeven

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same here … and its all from previous months!

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Now new notification is showing


Hi @Die81 - this has been resolved. Please see your dashboard.


It’s not letting me withdrawal my rewards either. When I hit withdrawal funds, it just takes me to my Uphold account that has a zero balance.

Hi, @steeven how long does a Payout report create?

@mtgcrypto I am having the exact same issue, and that for the past month. Have you been able to resolve this ?

Nope. Still unresolved

This thread is mixed. Some are referring to ads payout and others to publisher payouts. The Publisher payout will begin tomorrow - Megathread: July 2020 Publishers Payout.

If you have an issue to report with the ads payout please DM me your Rewards Internals (brave://rewards-internals/), OS, Brave version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel. This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!