About Brave Ad Reward


I didn’t receive my monthly Brave Ads Rewards in my uphold account yet. What to do?

Please help!!!

Thank you

Rewards are delayed this month for everyone, just be patient

For me since 3 months showing only 22 bat…?
@structdjm @steeven

Please disconnect and connect the uphold account and try it.

Please wait forever , rewards are slightly delayed.

I didn’t verify my account till now, why because I haven’t reach 25 bat till now , and I haven’t created uphold account… But still my 22 bat is stuck since 3 months, every month I’m receiving more then 120 ads , but I don’t know why my 22 bat stuck since 3 months…:pray::expressionless:

It may take some time to reach 25 BAT. Ads will be displayed in the First Come First Serve Manner so wait for it to reach 25 BATs.

Oh bhai, how many months I needs to be wait ??
Since 3 months I’m watching the same 22 bat.
Every month 120 + ads are displayed on my brave browser, so Please tell me any other solution… :pray:

One Solution is Turn off Brave Rewards for One Day and Turn it ON next day voila you will get Ads Now!!!

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