About an unexpected suspension. (Got proofs)

Hello there, greetings. My name is isaura, and i’m very sad because these days i took a look on my publisher account, and i found a message saying that i’m under review ''due to the breaking of the terms and conditions of Brave browser. I am surprised about this. You may wonder why, and i can explain to you with proofs. I used to be a publisher and i got few referrers to the Brave referal program,
which has been very supportive to the community, and i started about 2 months ago with your promotion. I did the job, i sent my referal link, i got downloads, i got my ammount of BAT.
Everything sounds fine till here, right? well. In the last month, my uphold account suddenly got disconnected from my publisher, which delayed my payment, as we clearly knows. If an uphold linked to an account got disconnected, all we must to do is wait to the next payment date, connecting the uphold to the linked account for sure. I did all this.
I spoke with Aaron, who is a great guy, and he asked to me few things. I answer all of them, to proof that i did not anything wrong, and i did not lie. I show him all the screenshots he wanted, and everything was clear between us. Also, he told me this: ‘‘let me know if you dont get your payment, so i can add this to your ticked’’.
Having said all this, I do not understand why the system has suspended my account, having already confirmed my credibility last month. And even greater, I do not understand why I receive a penalty after having already had a conversation about my case for a month.

I would like you to please review my case, as I have evidence, screenshots, of my conversation with Aaron, as he was helping me with my case throughout the month of November. This is why I am very surprised to receive a review, since my case was already being evaluated.

Attached, I will be inserting the screenshots about my conversation with Aaron, the member of the technical support group who was kindly helping me with my case. Thank you for reading me, thank you for your amazing help. You’ve done so much for so many people, and i dont want to get dissapointed with this issue like this.


Here is where it started all.

Here, aaron asked for screens.

And here, Aaron told me this, few days ago. And today i found that i am under review. Thank you.

Account review is not handled in Community. Please reach out via email to suspensions@brave.com