About adding feature of casting on brave

I have google chromecast and I use casting feature a lot in other apps to watch content in them on my tv. Because I have taken their subscribtion they provide me ad free watching + their all premium content.
I also watch YouTube too a lot from my phone in TV by casting feature in YouTube app. But I get very much annoyed due to a lot of ads in it. I know YouTube too provide premium membership like other apps but i found their premium membership useless because I don’t want to waste my money on getting their membership only for removing ads and getting it premium features that i found of my no use. So i dicided to download brave because I know it has ad blocker. I searched YouTube.com on brave and when I opened YouTube it blocked all ads in YouTube. I got very happy and then dicided to cast YouTube from it in my tv. But i got very disappointed. What i found that there was no option to cast YouTube from YouTube web in TV

. So i dicided to give you guys feedback and explain each and every thing in details.
Thank you for reading my feedback