Able to type comments but not able to view what is typed on Facebook while typing


I just updated to iOS 12 on an iPhone 6s+ 128MB. I noticed when commenting on Facebook that the text “bubble” when replying in a thread disappears. I can type and the text will appear in the reply. The problem is I cannot see what I am typing whilst I am typing. If I turn the phone sideways it’s also the same. If I comment partially and go back and “edit” my post I afforded a bit of a workaround but it will not let me see, as another example, what I am copying and pasting, or let me paste a link at all. The comment/reply field is not visible since updating. I have Brave set to only allow scripts and have not tried it with less “constraints” yet. It worked fine prior to updating to iOS 12.


Do you mean the popup keyboard blocks the textbox UI ?


Correct. The popop keyboard completely blocks the text box whilst typing. Pasting text is not possible, either.


Thanks for the confirmation. I have logged an issue for this and can be tracked here