Able to open Youtube links in NewPipe app

I am using Brave partly because I am trying to get away from Google, MS and the other big tech. Brave seems to speak for privacy etc.

I like to use NewPipe to view videos inc those from Youtube.

It would be good if when clicking on a Youtube link we could set Brave to open it in an app, such as NewPipe, rather than just opening it within Brave.

Would provide more privacy and less support for Big Tech.


go to supported links in OS settings

You can also use UntackMe app from f-droid for it. Check it out.

Thanks for that. I was not very clear. I have already set OS to open links in emails etc in NewPipe and not the browser or Youtube app. However I would now like to open a search result of a Youtube video in Brave in NewPipe and not in Youtube or in the Brave app.

I had a look at Untrackme and don’t think it will do that rather just open links outside of Brave in their alternative (which does not currently include NewPipe) which the OS change has enabled me to do.


I have now found way to do this. Go Settings>Site Settings>Video playback in Brave and set it to Disabled. This forces Brave to send the video to whichever app you have set to open the various Youtube links. In my case I changed them to NewPipe and now videos open direct in NewPipe and without ads, tracking etc.

Much better.

Now if I can just get rid of Youtube app completely…

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Just wanted to point it out that newpipe connects to youtube, google servers to watch the videos. It does not proxy your connections.
Google will know that you are warching the videos based on your IP.

Use a VPN to solve this problem. Or use Piped Protocol to watch. Libretube available on fdroid uses Piped. It proxies your IP.

Thanks @chh_68 . Very interesting I was not aware of that. Presumably however it does not know it is me nor require me to log in, and cannot match it to my other browsing etc. So only knows my IP. Is that right? Is that a problem?

Was not aware of alternatives to NewPipe which seems good to me. Your opinions of alternatives?

I do, normally, use a VPN.

Yes, it only knows your IP, nothing other than that. No tracking will be done. Just google servers will know, that this IP just connected to their servers to watch some youtube vieos.

It is not necessarily a problem.