Ability to store passwords for protected PDF files

Brave already supports “Remember the Password” for normal websites. so why not extend the functionality to PDF? Currently, when a password-protected PDF is opened, Brave will ask for the password and render the PDF in the viewer if the password is correct. But there is currently no option to store the password in the browser. This can be inconvenient because the password has to be retyped every time the PDF is opened. I basically want the ability to auto fill-in the password in a similar way to the auto sign-in for webpages.

Alternatively, there could be an option to save PDF files with the password protection removed, so that passwords do not need to be retyped when opening saved PDF locally.

Its a cool suggestion, Though we haven’t modified this code from the chromium base, something like this would need to come from Chromium upstream code.

So should this feature be suggested to Chromium? This way, the people responsible for Chromium who are probably more familiar with the PDF viewer code base can implement the feature and all users of Chromium based browsers would benefit.

Free to submit, but keep in mind some pdf revisions has adobe patients/licensing involved, which may not be welcoming in an open source project.