Ability to specify a set of tabs on startup

The only thing stopping me from 100% adopting brave is this missing feature - ability to specify pages on startup".

Windows 8
|OS Release|6.3.9600|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|Microsoft Windows|

I find Brave to be an awesome browser to use - much prefer it over google chrome, however
I find myself having to revert back to chrome at times (like 70% of the time) due to a missing functionality in Brave.

Premise: I know many people out there probably keep all their tabs open and their computers running 24/7 so this particular issue may not be applicable. But for those who like to close everything down and shut down the computer this is relevant. Being able to specify a set of pages to open upon launching Brave would increase efficiency, at least in my daily work life. The existing feature of ‘opening a set of tabs from last time’ kind of works but not really… the only scenario where this works is when you open your set of tabs, don’t browse at all, then close the browser down - so it can be opened as you last left it, doesn’t make sense.

it would be soooooooooo much better, easier and more functional if you could specify these pages so people can have pages X,Y, Z start up new from the beginning - similar to what you can do in chrome. If this feature was added I’d be able to switch 100% to Brave - which I want to do! Even some of my mates that i got onto Brave stopped using it because they had also got use to the whole specified tabs feature in chrome…just my 2 cents :slight_smile: besides this small issue, the Brave browser is amazing, keep up the good work!

Hi @DD007,

Actually, you able to do that.

Just set your Brave start with under Preferences > General to Homepage, then set multiple homepage like described here How to set up multiple home pages?.


Hi @eljuno

Thanks for the heads up! the functionality wasn’t obvious to me as a ‘new user/noob’ :slight_smile:

Transitioning to Brave!