Ability to REMOVE/UNINSTALL Brave Rewards

We are talking about a browser feature, not a conspiracy theory. Now i edited my video?
Neverless, anyone can test it out, so…

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You could have tried to figure out why you’re not having the same behavior like a civilized educated human being but instead you opted to act like a child, so I thought I’d level down to you.

I’ve already explained it but it looks like you are having some kind of neuro-cognitive issues and not reading any of my messages, so I’ll leave this here.

And right after that


Is better end up here. :slight_smile:

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You kind of convinced me to accept the existence of Brave Rewards…

I never like bloatware. I want a raw experience with no extras.

But after I saw the video you uploaded, I might be able to browse comfortably…

However, I really hope the Brave developers make the Brave Rewards extension separate, and can be uninstalled completely, rather than “hide”.

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I get you in that sentence :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is actually a way of “remove” this, as is a core feature of brave. In fact, is one main point of brave existence…
You can hide all the traces of it, and essentially that is “almost” like remove, since nothing is actually being bloated in background. But “really remove” i don’t think that will get implemented any time soon - again, taking in account tha Rewards is one of the main points of Brave existence. :slight_smile:

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You kind of convinced me to accept the existence…

Probably it’s his job.

The thing is that in order to reproduce the issue you have to:

  1. enable rewards
  2. think back to your privacy and the fact that you need to ID yourself to use funds
  3. decide to stop it and despite you disable it from its settings, the task is still there in the task manager
  4. so you try first a browser restart, recheck settings, the task is still there
  5. back to firefox.

    In other words, once enabled, the rewards thing is gonna stay. In fact you can stil set up monthly tips for websites
    please proove me wrong

Im just a user like you. Brave doesn’t pay me (well, in fact they pay by the rewards :joy:)

If you had brave rewards enabled before, and you disable it, you shouldn’t just close the Brave window and open it again, since the process of the Brave still stays in background for that session. Try to restart the computer or manually kill all the brave processes in the Task Manager.

I just did, and also did in the replies before this. Just check it :wink: