Ability to REMOVE/UNINSTALL Brave Rewards

You completely missed the point: disabling/removing the Rewards component is not optionnal. Even if you out-out of Rewards it’ll still run.

If you opt-out of the Rewards, that function is disabled.
What do you mean by “still run”?

You can disable ads, but you can’t disable Rewards. If it were, you wouldn’t be able to open the Rewards panel. You can hide the icon in the magic bar, but Rewards are still running in the background.

No, they are not.
If you don’t opt-in to Rewards, you can see the options to enable it - of course - but they are not “working” in the background…
You can still hide everything that is related with Rewards and will have zero impact in how you use the browser. There is not even the process running in the background of the extension related with the bat service.

This image is from a new instalation of brave, with rewards never enabled from the start.

Brand fresh clean install. First launch, rewards not enabled.

That is the extension used to show the icon of the rewards, in the top toolbar. If you hide the icon in the settings and restart the browser, that will be gone - technical, what this post is suggesting is already being applied, since Brave Rewards is a “extension” internally in the browser.

Also, that process only starts if you click in the icon. Even if you let the icon there, there is no process until you click on it. Try restart the browser and don’t click in the icon (or skip everything in the first opening, since the initial setup shows the rewards).
The process shouldn’t start again.

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This is a screenshot taken after launching the browser and opening the task manager through the hamburger menu. Tried it again after disabling the Rewards icon, same result.

After start Brave for the first time there is a “setup” process. That activate the Extension of the rewards since it shows the function…

But if you close completely the browser after that, then the extension is not activated again until you click in the icon. Probably the test done from your end still had a Brave process in the background. Make sure that there is no brave process in the system after close it (or restart the PC just to be sure).

Just to show it a little better… :wink:


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Like I have already said several times, this is what I have done. Extension loads regardless.

Well, that is not the default behavior as the video shows :wink:

In any case, Rewards always run even if you don’t have them enabled.

There is a difference between having a option to activate and “always run”. And no, as show before, Rewards is not running in any way in the background unless you activate it or actively use it. :slight_smile:

Like I’ve said several times already but of course you prefer ignoring it than admitting you are wrong, I didn’t enable them and I didn’t open anything outside of the task manager.

There is a video proving that I’m NOT wrong :joy:

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I’ve observed the same behavior in multiple instances. You’re embarrassing yourself, please stop I’m kind of sad for you.

No one is here proving one point or another, we are here to help build a better browser. But we must be fair in what we say. Im not here to criticize you.

All that we have from your end is YOUR responses in a style like “brave is bad” for having background processes. And my point is: no, that doesn’t happen.

You prove your point with a text and a image, that anyone can do.
I prove my point with a clear vídeo showing what i am telling, and showing that you’re wrong. if you don’t accept that is the same that say to a person that the sky is blue, but he claims that is brown. I cannot change your mind…

if you think that your right, that’s fine. But you’re not, and that is my point.

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[quote=“djprmf, post:19, topic:300510”]
I prove my point with a clear vídeo [/quote]

It is 2021 and video editing software that pretty much anyone can use doesn’t exist. Wait until you discover deep-fakes.

We are talking about a browser feature, not a conspiracy theory. Now i edited my video?
Neverless, anyone can test it out, so…

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You could have tried to figure out why you’re not having the same behavior like a civilized educated human being but instead you opted to act like a child, so I thought I’d level down to you.