Ability to minimize vertical tabs in a specific window

It would be great to be able to minimize the sidebar of vertical tabs in a specific window of Brave. Right now, minimizing the sidebar does so for all open Brave windows. Being able to minimize them in a specific window would help my workflow, as I often have several Brave windows open & would like to have one with the vertical tabs available while the other(s) has them minimized. Thanks.

Yes, I was about to report this bug.
It’s crazy that this was missed. It really screws up screen real estate, especially when dragging from window to window.

yeah, we really need this. it’s so weird that it controls multiple windows right now

I agree. I’ve been using MS Edge for a while and its vertical tabs panel work perfectly for me. I’ve got 2 monitors, one of them is 4:3 and the vertical tabs panel uses a lot of space in it. It would be perfect being able to minimize the panel in one monitor while the 16:10 monitor keeps it maximized. I’m tempted to return to Edge… :frowning:

Upvote on this.

“Minimise tabs” for vertical tabs should be scoped to the window, not globally.