Ability to like wordpress content non-existent on my Brave browser

I’m finding it most frustrating as a person who accesses wordpress accounts regularly and has a wordpress website that I’m unable to “like” content on wordpress.

When I look for assistance I get pushed into articles about needing to have a business account at wordpress so I can utilize the brave rewards. That is not my concern at the moment.

Please help. Point me in the right direction, supply a link I’m too stupid to find, suggest settings changes I need to make because I’m too dense. But please do not tell me about adding BAT to my wordpress account. Really, I’m being quite plain about my request. Why would I continue with Brave browser or BAT rewards if I cannot interact with other wordpress accounts.

I already was using a browser that allowed that prior to using Brave browser. Maybe I should just use Brave when I’m searching for things and never choose to access wordpress acounts in the results. That’s a disappointment.

I’m sure I misunderstand what’s going on. I’ve looked for changes to make in settings, even advanced settings. I’ve allowed wordpress accounts to redirect me, if I’m recalling the setting correctly. It hasn’t changed a thing.


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