Ability to keep track of where you leave off in your bookmark folder browsing

Reposting due to my original post perhaps not placed in the correct category. apologies in advance if unnecessary, but I would REALLY love to switch from firefox and this feature would do it for me all the way.

  • A nearly perfect browser. one key feature missing that firefox has imho is the ability to browse through many bookmarks during a browser session and REMEMBER where you left off… for those of us who maintain a lot of bookmarks and bookmark folders. Now this very well may be a limitation of the chromium base for the browser (IDK) but if not, it’s a feature that would get me to ditch firefox completely. When using firefox, I can browse through a large folder of bookmarks, click a link, and then later, come back to that same bookmark folder to the exact place I left off! That is a very important feature for those of us that maintain a large database of bookmarks and is essentially, the only reason I continue to use firefox right now. Just a suggested feature if at all possible. Without this feature, I have to basically re-scroll down endlessly through lists of bookmarks to get to where I left off. I maintain lists of bookmarks that are categorized so having to go back and scroll through everytime I go to a specific bookmark folder ends up wasting a lot of time… hence is why I use firefox for this.