Ability to create a new window by starting new exe (middle-clicking taskbar)


I’ve come to heavily use Firefox’s ability to open a new window by starting a new process. A Brave keyboard shortcut isn’t that useful because 80% of the time I do this, my focus is in a non-browser window. Middle-clicking or shift-clicking the taskbar, or clicking normally on the pinned icon when the browser is open on a different screen (or Win+1…9)… these are the actions I take that normally work intuitively with any program.

Chrome and Edge also exhibit this useful behavior. Whether or not the process communicates to the existing process and shuts down doesn’t really matter to me, but I believe Firefox does this.

Brave seems to shut down the new process without contacting the existing process to open a new window. Please support the same behavior as the other browsers.


There is an issue logged for this and can be tracked here

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