Ability to choose Exchange for rewards wallet

Exactly like the title say and also do away with the wallet having to have 25 before its bs

let us choose our exchange to at least 1 of the bigger exchanges that way kyc is good and I dont have to sign up some where that I don’t want to

exchanges … like coinbase, binance blockfolio all require kyc well think maybe not as much on binance

can’t even remember the name where you have it now they sure are uncooperative

they need to take what info given and stop relying on computers alone get the job done have a 1 on 1 video chat for all I care if I was going to fake my identity sure as hell wouldn’t pick my self lol

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I completely agree with this.

I’m surprised more people don’t aswell, personally id prefer I dont have to kyc and just have full control dont care to have my government greedy paws all over my crypto just want to tax me again and again on most of the time money earned and already paid taxes on such a joke in this case its earned but at this rate I ain’t going to pay my bills with it at top a1 couple beers maybe after every greedy sob gets there share

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