Ability to bind to a network adapter (e.g. VPN)

Many BitTorrent clients offer this: The ability to bind the process to a particular network adapter. Typically, this is done to ensure that the network traffic for the process always goes through a VPN.

Why not add this capability to Brave?

To be clear, this suggestion is made with respect to all network traffic sent to/from Brave, including regular web browsing. I’m not referring specifically to the WebTorrent extension.

Currently, as a workaround, I use command line options to route Brave traffic through my VPN provider’s SOCKS5 proxy. (This works since my VPN provider’s SOCKS5 proxy is only accessible from their VPN. Please note that this is not true for all VPN providers, and that some proxies require ID/password authentication.) The command line options are:

–host-resolver-rules=“MAP * ~NOTFOUND , EXCLUDE proxy” --proxy-server=“socks5://proxy:port”

These command line options are explained here:

I can see merit in your request. I’d guess its because its just a web browser with torrent functionality rather than a proper stand-alone torrent application. That said, I would recommend to connect to the VPN before you torrent,

I referenced BitTorrent clients only as an analogy. The intent of this feature would be to ensure that all browser traffic went over the VPN, rather than accidentally leaking in the clear. Nothing necessarily to do with torrents, and I never use Brave’s WebTorrent extension. I’ve updated my original post to clarify this.