Ability to add a "New Folder" and to "Alphabetize" bookmarks, and SUBSCRIPTION model

Please consider adding the ability to sort or alphabetize one’s folders and bookmarks, and to add a “New Folder” on the fly, such as in Chrome.

Keep up the GREAT work.

I’m really loving BRAVE and telling all my friends and colleagues about it. I forget now how I heard about BRAVE but it was somewhere obscure I think that I had read about it.

I know it’s expensive, but aside from word of mouth the world needs to know about BRAVE. I for one would not mind paying a subscription fee in lieu of you having the need for advertising income.

Thank you!
John Hay
Ocean City, NJ

@JohnInOceanCity, you may be interested in trying out the Brave Developer build. While still in early release, it has several features not present (or not functioning) in the Brave live release including additionally bookmark functionality.