Ability to access the default Right-Click options on all sites, all the time

Hi, websites like YouTube, in their video player, prevent you from accessing the default Right-Click options right away (some withold them altogether, i.e., WhatsApp Web). They showcase their own options, and you gotta Right-click again to access the default options such as ‘Save as…’, ‘Print…’, ‘copy’ etc.

It’d be nice to have an option for the those of us who just don’t care what options a website has to offer on Right-click and just want the default ALL THE TIME, because a browser should allow us that.

Because, right now, it’s kind of like the websites breaking the fourth wall kind of deal, they should not be able to do that. If I Right-Click, I wish to communicate to the browser, not the website. That’s the purpose of the option of Right-click; to access browser options (that’s what it was created for), NOT website options. No offense to anyone but for the sake of further assertion of my point, it’s common-sense.

You mix stuff up like this and it’s chaos!