AAVE lost in Polygon Mainnet


I surprisingly received 62.58 AVEE. I sent to my Brave Wallet but wrongfully sent it to my Polygon address instead of my AVEE. I can see the coins on the blockchain but can’t reach them. Do you have any suggestions to help me retrieve them ?

Atomic Wallet address that first received the AVEE


My Polygon address in Brave Wallet which I sent my 62.58 AVEE thinking it was a AVEE address where you can actually see them


My AVEE address where I should of sent them


If you have any suggestions of what I can do or where I can search for answers.

I’ve tried to find my private key in my Brave Wallet which I found the Polygon one but not AAVE

If you look at my screenshots, you can see the tokens are in my wallet, just not the right address.

Thanks for the help !

If the sent address does not belong to you, It means you lost your coins.

If the sent address was your’s address you can do this Import AVEE Coin on Polygon Network, you can see the AVEE coins.

If you have deposited a coin into the wrong coin address, this is known as a cross-chain deposit. Recovering lost crypto in any form isn’t impossible as people speak anymore.
With new blockchain technology and verified devs, it’s very possible to recover. Token retrieval in this case is a highly complex and a manual procedure, i had a similar experience and got helped by a revolutionary hacker named @webghost33 on instagram. You can get some pro help from him regarding this

Although cannot guarantee a 100% successful outcome, but it’s totally worth a trial.

Well I do own the address. I’ve tried importing the AVEE Coin but nothing seems to pop up. Is there a procedure I can follow to import AAVE Coin on Brave ?

Now your coins are in this address 0xe75b38B89C1733DdC46618D31bD0e83529EdeBF4 navigate to polygon scan and check with this address you will see 62.58 AVEE transaction in ERC-20 token transactions. If you are the owner of this address you will be having your coins.

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