A way to restore old Brave look


I’m loving that I can install Chrome extensions, but now Brave looks very similar to the new Chrome. The design of the release version of Brave is great and I would like to be able to restore it and the small things like the colored tabs and peeking at opened tabs.


Hi @Jaxk,

As you may know, this version is an early and still-in-the-work version. It may will added more Brave feature and change to look more like Brave. Like preview tab.

See https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/roadmap for the roadmap. :grin:

And this one is for colored tab https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/905



Great work team. I personally like the URL location in the development build. Preference like that are pretty subjective so take that with a grain of salt.

Love Brave!


Great! Whoever designed the Brave ui is doing an incredible job


So Brave now has the address bar under the tabs?


I think the same, I like the IU of Brave and not the UI of Brave Beta (is like Chrome).


If you’d like to see an option to change Brave’s UI back to the “Classic” look featured in Muon, you should drop it in the Feature Requests section. Be sure to reference that the request is for Dev/Beta builds.
With that said, its worth noting that the newer Dev/Beta builds are still in early release. We have several UI/Design changes that have yet to be implemented that will make Brave stand out from Chrome and other browsers. Here’s a couple examples (note: these may change between now and final release):

:point_up: Updated Shields Panel Design

:point_up: Updated Appearance menu in Settings

:point_up: New Compact panel design

:point_up: New settings design

These are just a few of the many design changes being worked on and gradually implemented into Brave. Hopefully this alleviates some of the worry about Brave’s aesthetic looking like Chrome/lacking unique design and feel.

Brave UI Feedback
Settings menu is so "Chromish"

When too many tabs, tabs become microscopic.
****1. Add an scroll button for tabs like firefox.
2. Add 2nd search bar like firefox.
Thanks in advance.
Hope you will reply.


I’ve just installed BraveDev and have to say was a little disappointed by the Chrome look after the simplicity of the original UI. Love having my Chrome extensions, though I probably need less of them since half of their features are built into the browser.

Looking forward to Brave not looking like Chrome in the future. I’ll test out what few extensions I need in the dev version but hope we see a return of that nice settings menu which didn’t take so much effort to get around.


I abandoned Chrome because of Google spying, automatic Google sign in, et cetera.

I abandoned Opera because it keeps changing my search engine to Google.

I abandoned Vivaldi because it keeps changing my search engine to Bing.

I am now on the Brave developer branch and so far I like it. But you might want to implement some of Vivaldi’s user interface concepts.

For those who prefer a dark theme on pages, I recommend the extension “Dark Reader” with brightness/contrast/greyscale OFF and Sepia +100. Maybe Brave should include this extension by default.

I still use Firefox as my primary browser because the tabs do not shrink. Tab scrolling is the number 1 missing feature on Chrome based browsers.

Brave UI Feedback

Did you read the posts above?
We will be moving away from both our old Brave brand look/feel and away from Chromes. Design implementations will continue to roll out and will ultimately give Brave a unique aesthetic that needn’t be compared.


Please keep the thread clean. No personal jabs. Everyone is allowed to have their views and opinions and any kind of constructive feedback is welcome which will help make the product better. That being siad @ada88888 even your last response on the thread wasn’t on a nice tone. This is a public forum and you are welcome to voice your opinion but in a nice way.

Please do remember that this is not the final product. It’s still work in progress and will change overtime. Customization’s will follow soon but is not on the priority list for the team since we are trying to incorporate other major features. You can always request to implement a feature rather than saying this is a basic feature and is missing.


-_- so I was actually making a post similar to this when ur post got suggested. I still wanna vent tho.

What the HELL happened here?!!

Brave just crashed; wouldn’t open even after several attempts and restarts. Finally uninstalled and re-installed it, only to see this Chrome-thing in it’s place.

First let me say though, I like the dark theme; this was very needed

And now the problems:

  • I can’t customise bookmarks as before: font size and leaving out the name of the bookmark so only the icon appears

  • It had Google as the default search engine …what?

  • Can’t hover over another tab to get a preview - HOW COULD THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

  • Thought I would get a Brave web store (as stated) but it took me to Chrome’s web store

  • Like, NONE of the previous extensions can be found

I FEEL SO CHEATED. What is going on? It’s like Brave was knocked out and possessed by Chrome >_<

At least, the look won’t be kept …from what I’ve read of the other replies; but sheesh! It gave me scare and now I’m traumatised

Perhaps - it would be really awesome - the option should be given to download the dev/beta one vs the ‘reg’ one. I would have opted for regular until forced to make the change. I saw NO option for this >_<


For those who prefer a dark theme on pages, I recommend the extension “Dark Reader” with brightness/contrast/greyscale OFF and Sepia +100. Maybe Brave should include this extension by default.

I love this extension! My eyes no longer hurt at night. lol I totally recommend it as well.


There is no force update done on the muon browser(yet). You can use it along side with the new version. Like I mentioned in the previous post its still a work in progress and things will change over time. Muon browser was replaced with the new one hence when you installed it again you got the new version. Its not been pushed down forcefully.

You are welcome to give feedback and any kind of constructive criticism but may be tone down a bit.


Point by point:

  • Glad you enjoy the dark theme!

  • We’ll be changing the default search engine in an update in the near future, as well as allow users to choose their desired search engine in the Welcome Tour. For now, however, you can change your default search engine in your settings.

  • We have an open issue for adding tab previews right now but are currently focused on more pressing issues that may be blocking us from updates.

  • Brave Webstore is something being considered and worked on. For now, downloading from the Chrome Webstore as you would normally will work for almost all extensions. Extensions on the CWS are pre-vetted for malware and also monitored by Shields. You will be notified when installing 3rd party extensions of the type of permissions granted when doing so. Please read these carefully.

  • Like, they so are! Last Pass, MetaMask, 1Password, Save to Pocket and all the others are available on the CWS. Webtorrent and PDFJS come built-in.

You may also be interested in reading up on how our different builds/releases work:

:point_up: The different Brave builds run in parallel. If you go to the Official Download Page right now, you’ll be downloading the newest stable build of Brave, v0.55.20. This build has replaced the Muon build on the stable channel. However, if you already have the Muon version installed, you can still us this normally along side the newer builds (you can even import your Brave Muon data into the new builds).

If you don’t have the Muon version installed anymore, you can get it from our GitHub repo here:


@Mattches Thanks so much for your response, especially the link on the different builds :heart: . -The point-by-point response works very well, too.

I didn’t realise the extensions were there for some reason :roll_eyes:

Thanks a million!


@Mattches thank you for this information.

I think I’ll keep both installed in parallel, and keep them updated as far as possible. So far regardless of the performance gains, I may mainly keep using the Muon version for the time being. I like the UI and options better. Personally, I prefer the tabs below the address bar and (under this condition) that the colour matches the page. The seamless integration of password managers is also great.

I do look forward to the future changes to the ‘beta’ channel.


for now I’m staying on the Muon version until the chrome version is released and see what it looks like then, but I like the Muon IU as well.