A way to prevent moving a tab from creating a new window

When moving a tab, it often creates a new window. This is annoying if all you want is to move it left or right. There should be a way (shift+click for example) to prevent new browser window creation.

Brave seems to be extra sensitive to up and down movements when moving a tab. Not sure there’s a way to prevent it other than to be careful with the mouse.

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You can also try these shortcuts:

-Move tab left: Shift+Ctrl+Page Up
-Move tab right: Shift+Ctrl+Page Down
-Move tab to new window: Right-click tab > Move tab to new window
-Move tab to existing window: Right-click tab > Move tab to another window

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I’m experiencing this as well and only recently did it start happening. I can’t seem to move a tab without it being moved to a new window and this however hard I try to keep from moving upward.

I fix it being right clicking the tab (now in a new window) and selecting “Move tab to another windows” and selecting the windows it came from but, this is less than ideal.

I don’t have a Page Up/Page Down on my Apple Keyboard so, that’s not a solution for me.