A way to block facebook buttons and similar ones all over the internet


There are specific extensions to block Facebook buttons on other sites for Firefox (or have been, I don’t use Firefox anymore). Without such a measure, Facebook will know every site a Facebook user visits, because the buttons are within iframes that are loaded from Facebook servers.
They can only fully identify people who are or have been logged in into Facebook (via cookies) but they can track everybody, sort-of identified by the IP number, on every page that contains a Facebook button.

I’m aware that not everybody will want this protection, so there should be a way to switch it off, preferably per-site.


We have a request logged to replace those social buttons with versions which don’t track you - more information can be found here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/312



Hmm, buttons that work but don’t track me would be even better, provided they are somehow distinguishable from the original ones, or that I can see somewhere that the original ones got replaced.

Thank you very much, Lauren, for finding the similarity and making the connection!

Edit, a correction to my initial post:
“Facebook will know every site a Facebook user visits” is not fully correct. Instead, it should be “Facebook will learn every time (and at least the IP address) anybody (Facebook user or not) visits a page that has a Facebook button on it”.