A vote for wallet

Hello everyone

hope that everything going fine with all of you

since we notice that there issue with the wallet recovery and the customer service here try to help us
so what about we help them and help brave

so i hope everyone vote for the following feature

create new wallet system that support to be linked to any digital wallet and able deposit withdraw and use it online to buy things ?

  • yes
  • no

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do you mind that to safe some money for brave to hire and get the hardware needed for that to decrease the amount for the ads share from 70 to us and 30 to brave to lower percentage

  • 60% for us 40 for brave
  • 50% for both of us

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another thing i would like to say to the customer service what about you give us estimate time to solve any issue specially if it related to the system and i agree that sometime this estimate is not always perfect but at least we know how long we could wait

if any one has any idea related to any thing about brave please write it in the replay and if you want me to create a vote for it let me know

thanks for everyone and have a nice day

looks like no one interested :smile:

I have a problem with the wallet…And i am :))

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thanks @Andrei.T hope more get involved :slight_smile: