A Unique Discreet Kill Switch


Perhaps @alex could answer this considering your report on 0.15.3**

Unlike most of my topics I’ll keep this very simple.

Opening any sort of New Tab and or Minimize should discreetly activate a Kill Switch.

Similar to right-click and Open Tab in New (any sort tab) which doesn’t necessarily fully load the content, what’s the point of keep a tab in data usage mode when you’re not going to be using for more than half an hour if you’ve got more than a dozen or so tabs open.
I imagine there will be a small discrepancy relating to essential websites which require to be in memory such as a web service but I think this particular feature further opens the door to another feature which is a GUI based Tab.
Essentially, relating to the topic at hand for the moment, Brave should either intelligently deduce that a particular web service such as email needs to remain active or allowing a GUI based Tab function which allows a user to sort of move the mouse over the Tab to keep that active.
I suppose you can divide the the new GUI based tab into two/three parts, the ‘x’ to remain where it is and the Lion icon side of it to do the necessary functions described.

I suppose if thought was put into it, it will have to be as a setting feature.


I think you mean tab unloading when inactive? That’s already shipped in 0.15.2.
There may be some more tweaking to be done with it, but if you let your tabs sit for a while and they’re not in focus, they should free up resource.


Sorry, you’re best of closing it then rather than have users unnecessarily Like it because of the description.

One final thing though before you close it, if a user isn’t necessarily using an account based service where you’re signed-in and you minimize the browser and you have multiple tabs open, does the browser still transmit data whilst minimized.



Depends on the situation, but some tabs can still send data (some for valid reasons like notifications/webrtc, some for ads/user tracking). If you ever want to investigate, Charles Proxy is pretty amazing for finding zombie connections.