A tab hoarders dream - Sort Tabs by top domain only and collapse tabs to a single tab with number for same domain - 2 views - expanded/collapsed

First, the easy one. Sort tabs by website/top domain. This has been requested before and It would be utilized much.
Secondly, if I open X+ tabs on X website. Then collapse the tabs into 1 with a number. For example, www.newegg.com (7). Now, I see that I have 7 open tabs at www.newegg.com. Now, when I hover the www.newegg.com tab expand those 7 tabs in a popup sense and allow me to choose the one I want.
Purpose/reasoning: To save space across the tab line for tab hoarders, of course. I have like 60+ open right now and lots of them are from the same website.
Thanks for reading!