A Superb HoverSee extension that really delivers on many levels


Hover your mouse over images or links to enlarge photos or to preview videos and websites.

This is not Hover Zoom. This is HoverSee by SideTree Software. A by far better extension, yet mainly for Safari.
Worthy of investigation and inclusion on Brave Browser. Main feature is it allows a full page of thumbnail images to be zoomed all at once, plus YouTube videos are zoomed as well.

Types of Enhanced Content:
• Thumbnail Images (Facebook, Google, news sites, etc)
• Links to image galleries (Flickr, Imgur, etc)
• Links to videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
• Direct links to images
• Links to any website (If enabled by the user)

The list of the requested extensions

please provide the extension’s link, thanks



thanks, I added it to The list of the requested extensions as well.

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