A spam add preempting iPhone use


I just encountered an “ad” that preempted all my screen area, thus preventing me from navigating away from the “ad”.

How could I prevent this problem (iPhone 7+, ios 11.2.2)?

Ad Blocking - Relevant {possibly important} feedback for your {Brave} possible further development

Hi @Chirurg1,

Is this happen on Brave?


Can you tell us what site caused this popup to show?


Hello @Chirurg1
These are mostly spammy pop-ups that redirect you to phishing webpages & cause you identity theft. Ignore such “too good to be true” & “Urgent/scary” kind of pop-ups.
DO NOT click on those as it may result into your system getting compromised


These are often caused by sites that seem legit one’s, but are not. For instance, http://www.faecbook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com or http://www.goggle.com instead of http://www.google.com or http://www.youtuvbe.com instead of http://www.YouTube.com

Here’s an example, when I intentionally typed http://www.faecbook.com instead of http://www.Facebook.com, when connected to a VPN, it redirected me to Bing search engine, however when I wasn’t connected to a VPN, it redirected me to a phishing PayPal website. Sometimes even at “free giveaway” type of spams like :

Once they redirected me to a page that was built in such a way that scares users concluding into download of a malicious payload. Here’s a similar screenshot that was showed when I intentionally made a typo as http://www.youtuvbe.com instead of http://www.YouTube.com

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