A site 'not working' (Allowing login etc.)


Hello all,

So I have some concerns around the way Brave works. Obviously Brave blocks things using it’s ‘Brave Shield’ feature, e.g. cookies etc. Now although this is good as it can prevent a number of privacy concerns, it also causes issues, such as blocking cookies, thus causing Brave user’s not being able to sign into certain websites for example.

My concern with this is that the ‘average Joe’ isn’t always going to know what to do, or even logon to the community to look at the troubleshooting steps. I was wondering if a ‘trusted site list’ would be coming into the mix? That actually tells Brave Shield to ignore cookies on Instagram.com for example. Similar to the Malware blacklist but instead just a white list for the shield?


The issue is being tracked here:



Thanks @Suguru, that’s exactly the idea I was looking for. I’ll post my +1, not sure why I couldn’t find it but hey-ho.

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