A significant difference between bat earned and bat credited

My estimated earnings was around 8.2 bat. But It shows only 5.545 bat will be credited and the remaining 2.6 bat has been rolled over to the next month. Is this normal for such a noticeable difference between bat earned and credited ? If this is the case that would be going on for months, wouldn’t a large amount of bat just be rolled over rather than being credited ??


Many other users are expericing the same probleme, me included. I had 7.64 bat but I will get only 4.54

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Thanks for writing in.

When a new month begins, the display value of the current earnings will reset, and you will now see a countdown that tells you when your BAT earnings over the previous month will be arriving (for example, “+0.02 BAT arriving in 5 days”).

The estimated earnings you’re seeing up until this point have included these BAT that were not yet reconciled — so when your final payout balance for the month is calculated, its a mismatch between what was estimated and what is actually earned.

It basically means that you earned from it, but the ads aren’t reconciled by the time the payment period starts. So for example, if you earn .05 BAT at the end of the payment period, that BAT may take a couple days to be reconciled (maybe “processed” is an easier to understand term) — which means it doesn’t actually count towards what you earned this month and you’ll instead earn it next month.

Hope this helps.


But then half of the month is not reconciled


For many people it’s more than half that hasn’t been “processed”. And more than half of that is from the previous months earnings that haven’t been “processed”. This has been going on for a few months now.


Totally agree with you, this earnings in my opinion are still the earning from last months, because this month was for me a poor one so its not possible that this 2 or 3 bats I made this month are not reconciled from the total earnings from last months together of 7 and then get only 4 estimated. That would mean that all my earnd bat from this month are not reconciled @steeven


i posted about a similar thing a couple weeks ago. was averaging 4-5bat/month until the end of 2021… then all of a sudden this year, i’m not even getting anywhere close to 0.5bat/month, and nothing has changed with my settings or browsing activity. haven’t gotten even close to 1bat total this year yet… then after i posted about it, my account mysteriously got flagged and now i’m not earning anything.

edit: here’s my post.


OMG! Have you tried contacting brave support ? What did they say ?

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@steeven look into this guys problem.

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@cascadedstrom of course i have… no response… then my wallet got flagged the day after i posted and shared what was going on. so now i’m earning nothing and still haven’t heard a word back from brave support.

funny how it works, right?

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There must be a much bigger problem. I wrote another message about it but I am attaching my screenshot.
Immagine 2022-05-01 032834 - Copia

It is impossible that it is only a problem of a few days at the beginning of the month. It has been accumulating for 2 months and I only get 0.05


Hi all, if you haven’t already please DM me your wallet payment ID. Thank you!

I wrote @Mattches the case number with the log files inside, to check it. I am still waiting for response, so lets see what comes out

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just saw your reply now and sent you a dm.

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I sent the details, hoping for some updates. Thank you

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dm’d as requested couple days ago… no response

(Attachment msb.db-wal is missing)

(Attachment msb.db-shm is missing)

(Attachment msb.db is missing)

I also wrote a dm to @Mattches still waiting for response after 11 days

business plan to scam everyone on on rewards works just fine

I’ve got my rewards perfectly fine so I’m not sure where the scam comes into play. If they don’t respond to a dm. DM them again in a week of no response. They usually just didn’t see it if it was after a week and just got drowned out compared to the other dms they get. I consistently got my BAT. Maybe sometimes it wasn’t in a timely manner but I got it that month. From what I can see, you’re account is flagged and just message them about it.