A significant amount of money from my browser is gone

First off, I want to say that I really enjoy using the Brave Browser and I won’t change. Problem though is that 2-3 months ago, I had deposited almost 500 dollars into it and did not know the browser was only unidirectional. In order to be able to withdraw some of it since I didn’t want it all in there, I registered my youtube account and tipped myself the funds I needed. I still have not been able to locate it.

Hi @JohnB87,

Thanks for writing in. CC’ing my colleague @Asad for an extra set of eyes.

@JohnB87 can you DM us the email address associated with your Creator account?

The funds that you’ve tipped yourself - have you been able to successfully claim those in your Uphold wallet?

Hey steeven,

Yes, this is currently the email associated with the account. I received one of the tips awhile back but it stopped after that. Thank you for looking in this.


Hi John, how much did you self tip? Can you give us an estimated amount in BAT?

Hey Asad,

It was a lot about 600-700 BAT

Hey John, sorry for the late reply. I will PM you for more instructions.

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