A separate AES-NI equivalent Engine in Brave


This very much coincides with my other topic but please don’t be annoyed with me for creating another topic as I think this doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to that topic only - Built-in encryption solution for secure emailing functionality without addons for all email services

I was curious, similarly to the way Intel & AMD developed (AES NI) an encryption instruction set that improves on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm and accelerates the encryption of data, is it at all possible for the team to engineer something quite sophisticated and unique like your ad&track blocking engine in the browser space and better the standard (PRNG) pseudo-random number generator that security orientated emailing services require whereby java is used to figure out the complexity.

To be quite honest, I don’t know when specifically the AES-NI feature in modern chips come in to play when encrypting data but I would assume that it is most functional on desktop client side applications when architects, engineers and developers alike optimize it and servers and more so developed and used for server side purposes which is why I bring this part of the question, as to whether the feature also efficiently and immediately manages web applications and per my request, would it also handle the browser based feature if implemented? If not, would it not be good to have something that further accelerates data as encryption becomes more common place and the norm?

What would be the point of this? As I said before it does coincides with the built-in version (not an extension) of PGP / GPG when or if you happen to take on my suggestion because it seems that some of the solutions currently provided in other browsers and ones that you’ll most likely end up porting over lack in more aspects than one and over the long run have security discrepancies such as phishing not to mention which one you can actually trust that also doesn’t have a backdoor.

I was just looking over at https://lavabit.com/ and they say, ‘they’re pioneers in encrypted email’ and have really developed something quite unique of their own which has been a long wait and due merit considering its technological advancement over the standard and I was wondering, perhaps as a way of advertising their company and considering your principals being unequivocally similar, can both of you engage in a partnership of some kind to primarily build a proprietary version of the suggestion or something better in/for Brave and bringing this solution to light.

Perhaps @clifton can shed some light on this considering you’ve worked at Intel.

Thanks for reading.