A Request for Enhanced Steam


(I am aware of the other topic, but it didn’t seem to follow the guidelines, so I am not sure if I should post here or in that topic, but I had to choose one, as posting both may seem “spammy”, my apologies if I did something wrong.)

I believe this extension would be a great addition to the Brave browser, as it is a popular Chrome extension for Steam users. The extension provides many quality-of-life features to the site that cannot be added to the Steam client, such as seeing historically low prices on which reputable Steam sites, current prices on said sites, and several more features that makes browsing Steam much easier and better, both on the Steam store and the Steam community (there are too many features to just list off the top of my head unfortunately). There are almost 500,000 users on the Chrome store alone, making it a popular enough addon to be used often among Steam users. The extension is very customizable and lightweight, so it shouldn’t bog down on performance, and it doesn’t interfere with other sites.

This is, however, separate from Steam Inventory Helper.

That’s it! Let me know if I should say more about things or post in the other topic from 2017 instead.