A question related to extensions


I am new here and created a user because I saw you could request extensions.
Then I saw that you don’t do that anymore but can’t find that post anymore.
Even if I go to history and click directly on the link.
It even said most web store extensions works with Brave browser. None of the extensions I have tried have worked. I must install Chrome first.
What is true? Have you stopped or not?
If you have stopped it’s a bit sad because it’s little of a deal breaker to not be able to use the extensions I use to. I like this web browser more then chrom/chomium or firefox who is just slow nowadays.
Saw a video about a hack but didn’t work at all. Could I so would I convert it myself.

The extension I am missing is this one: YouTube High Definition - Chrome Web Store

Best regards, Mikael

Hi, you can download beta release Download Brave Beta | Brave Browser, it’s quite stable and you can install many extensions…


Hi @Stoned_Beaver,

Yep, like @chantoine said, the Beta version is have support for extension. You can install it from CWS.

In addition, we currently closing down extension request, since the upcoming Brave 1.0 (you can try Beta version that mentioned above) will have support for extension.

See NOTICE - We are shutting down the Extension Requests category! for more info.