A question regarding ads earning payout

Hello, I am new to payouts. How does April 5 payout work? Does it show up automatically in the update wallet? It’s April 5 and haven’t seen any payouts into my upload accout.

Payouts begins April 8th

But why does it say “Next Payout date: Apr 5” in the brave rewards page?

Because there’s 2 different payment date @Abey.

5th is for user ads earning – brave:rewards
8th is for publishers – and this thread is for publisher


I was referring to user ads only. Not publisher payout. Why doesn’t user ads payout work?

Then, open a new thread for your question – not asking on the existing, not related thread. :relaxed: Previous thread is a question for publisher payout. I moved your post to the new thread.

It’s in process (I believe) – around 5th, US time zone.

If you have your Uphold wallet connected before 31st of previous month, you’ll get yours automatically deposited to your Uphold account.

My upload account does not show anything still. It’s already 4/5 1:44pm US CST.
Upload wallet was connected well before 31st of March. Does Upload wallet take time to update the funds?

Software Version:
Windows 10 1903 Brave Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163

Upload account showed the transfers sometime during the night.
However not all of it was transferred showing a pending rewards to be done May 5.

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