A question about Youtube music and Brave Shields?

Are shields able to block Youtube music ads? And if so, is my google account at risk of a ban for blocking ads on YTM?

Brave shields do block ads, but using the YouTube music site on mobile doesn’t allow you to search without being signed in, and search for songs while playing music. I’d recommend checking out Beatbump if you want a good mobile way to listen to YouTube music (Make sure to enable HLS in settings), otherwise on desktop you should be good to use the main YouTube music website if you’re signed in. Hope that helped! Feel free to ask questions if you need assistance :slight_smile:

Is my youtube account at risk of ban for this?

Use the desktop site on your phone, it does not require login.

Your account can’t be banned for using Adblock on YouTube

In the same way we block youtube ads, blocking youtube music ads won’t lead to any bans.

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Amazing work, guys! I hope brave can survive and develop into the future even once the manifest 3 hits.