A question about sync

Based on my reading of the documentation on the Brave website it appears that "sync"ing is done via some web service. Is it possible to sync locally? I have Brave installed on my Linux workstation and two virtual machines (VMWare). I would like to sync the 3 Brave installs without passing my data to and from the Internet.



Your interpretation is correct.

I do like the idea of having an option to handle it totally on your own, although at the moment I do not believe this is possible.

Note however that the data are encrypted before upload to the Sync service, so Brave (the company) cannot read the data you store there with the current implementation.

Thanks JimB1,

I think I will just have to create my own solution. I currently have Firefox running on a virtual machine which I permanently park on my right monitor. The FF profile is on the host machine and is accessed via nfs. Each evening I have a maintenance script which does some housekeeping, backup etc. It makes a copy of the FF profile in a folder firfox.yesterday. I have FF installed on the host which I access on the left monitor. It uses the “yesterday” profile so that bookmarks etc. are ALMOST current.

In my new configuration I will do something similar with Brave. Credentials might be an issue but as I will be sharing between two cloned virtual machines I think the encryption keys will be identical so It might work. Now I have to decide if I want to replace FF with Brave or use both as I am doing now.


if you give it a well thought design, than this should be no-issue matter.

If you clone your VM, encryption keys gets cloned also, so it will work