A potential exploit?

Hi! I have been using Brave Browser for almost around 3-4 months. Recently I discovered an exploit which helps me earn more BAT.
This starts with opening Brave browser, then opening new tabs till tab with ad add 0.005 BAT to the wallet. This works for 4 times and then won’t work for around an hour.

So with a general ad making me around 0.01 BAT, and 4 times 0.005 BAT, one can make around 3 times the average ad revenue per ad i.e 0.03 BAT.

I have no idea how those ads on the tab help me earn BAT. Not sure if those ads appear after paying your esteemed browser. I have absolutely no clue if it is even an exploit or a glitch. Please inform me whether those tabs with ads are meant to earn BAT or this is a potential exploit.

But because of being a new comer I can’t upload the video.

Hello @Frozen_God

that expected the sponsor image ads count max 4 ads per hour and 20 per day

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Ok so this is not an exploit right?

This happens because of the sponsored image on the default page !

@Frozen_God yes you are right :slight_smile:

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