A new tab is opened when i launch the browser but thats not what i want

Hello guys, i dont understand why there is automtically a new tab opened instead of all my old tabs used before i close the browser.
Thanks !

ps :sorry for my english the preferences are in french

Thanks for reaching out!
Can you confirm that you’re launching the browser from the Applications folder, or from the dock, rather than from the .dmg directly?

Additionally, if you set it to the third option Open a specific page or set of pages, does it respect this or does it also open up a new tab page?

thank for your response !

i open it directly from the dock, i did not try the third option for the moment but i need to be more precise.

When i right clic on the dock and chose “leave” or “close” in french its “quitter” and then i open brave, my last session and all my tabs are back.
But when i click on the “X” button on top left, the red one, and the i click on brave again on the dock, only a new tab opens up.

I hope its precise enough :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

i tried the third option and its the same issue.

Thats because, for apps on macOS, in the first scenario, you’ve closed the application entirely. When you simply ‘x’ out of the window, Brave isn’t actually “closed”. So when you click to launch, you’re essentially hitting “new window”.

You’ll see this same behavior when you elect to clear browsing data On exit (Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit]) – if you simply ‘x’ out of the browser, your data will not be cleared. Only after closing it will the data be cleared.

Ok thank you very much for the answer :slight_smile: bye

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