A manually edited whitelist of sites

I have a site that when I try to login it forwards me to a zendesk support site but then that fails to load. I’ve attempted to disable the shield for the first site for the login to the portal and then it still fails to load the zendesk site. I have no option to disable shields for zendesk or more specifically (client).zendesk.com as I can go to zendesk.com and disable the shield but then it still fails since it’s a sub-domain. The error message specifically is (client).zendesk.com refused to connect.

** (Client) refers to the site owner that I’m trying to login to.

Not sure if this is a Bug or just a feature request at this point, but I assume since I can’t disable the shield I’d need to manually add that to a whitelist.


Would it be possible to see a short recording of the behavior you’re describing? Additionally, can you try opening the Shields panel on Zendesk as you normally do, but instead of dropping Shields entirely, keep them Up and change the cookie control option to All cookies allowed and then attempt to login?

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