A major problem related with my BATs credits... :(

So the Problem is…
(I don’t remember exact number of BATs, so let’s assume…)
Suppose I earned about 0.850 BATs in one month. Now, a week earlier than the pay-out date (usually 7th or 8th of the month) those 0.850 BATs use to get transferred from my in-browser wallet to a white bar where it says this much BATs will be credited in 7 days, in 6 days, in 5 days, … But the problem is, as I earned 0.850 BATs, I should have got 0.850 BATs in that white bar, but all I get is something like 0.700 or 0.650 BATs… ok, that’s not much but wait…!
A week later when it’s the payout date, I should see 0.650 BATs (instead of 0.850) being credited into my main wallet, but no, all I see is a addition of only 0.500 BATs :frowning:
I think this is the third time such thing has happened, and by now I should have been able to connect my uphold account with the browser and get about 20 dollars, but now I gotta wait another month or even two, for getting the same amount (instead of 25-28 dollars by then)…
Anyone else have this problem in common? :cry:

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