A lot of token issues and ads issues

I didn’t recevied my tokens from March
I’ve updated and already done al the good stuff the Brave members have suggested but still no tokens
Not to mention i don’t recieve anymore tokens even though i recieve ads

i have a verifed account and the latest version
i’ve got no answer from @steeven

what should i do?


Hi @LorisTecnology, Support is helping quite a few people with this problem currently - as can be seen by the many posts regarding this issue. I’m sure it must be frustrating, but if you’ve sent steeven a DM with details of your issue, I’m sure he’ll reach out to you just as soon as he can.

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i know but is almost 2 weeks and i didn’t get any answer yet


It appeared to me as though it’s been less than a week since you contacted him, I’m sorry if I’m mistaken.

I’ve read some have had to wait a few weeks+ for a solution due to a high volume of help requests.

When you DM’d steeven, did you make sure to provide him with this information?

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yes i gave those info to steeven several times

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I know this will make you grit your teeth to hear, but… just try to be patient and wait a bit longer.

If I were you, I’d just check on this thread every few days to bump it versus starting a new topic, too.

Sorry I couldn’t offer more consolation, but I do wish you good luck and a speedy resolution.

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but the issue is that i don’t even get any new token
although i get ads

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You mentioned you had followed previous instructions on how to troubleshoot what could be happening, but I thought I’d drop this link for you to check out - in case there’s been something new added that you haven’t seen or tried yet. Below the post it links to, are links to other similar threads you can also check out.

It’s worth a shot, right? Something to do while you’re waiting, anyway :slight_smile:

Not sure why, but sometimes the DMs don’t get to @steeven at first.

how did you know this?

@LorisTecnology please see my latest reply to your DM. Thanks.

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