A Lot of captchas

A lot of captchas:
everytime when i open a new tab and write any address it results on captchas

** V1.24.85 (May 13, 2021):**

This looks like a cloudflare problem, maybe your IP has been flagged.
Do you have a dynamic IP? If so rebooting your router could fix the problem

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You can try to clear cookie. Sometimes it is the cookie problem of a particular site that cause issues

You can check if your IP has been flagged or blocked on the link below

I have the same problem, and my ISP has been completely useless.

Also VPN’s use can cause more captcha’s to show up

I changed my internet service a few days ago and maybe they are to blame, my IP is dynamic and I tried to restart the modem several times but I was unsuccessful and I don’t use any VPN

P.S. i cant even link my brave browser with me uphold wallet anymore
it goes through loading loop

Can you try creating and using a new temp. profile and see if you get the same behavior there? Make sure you close your original profile window, so that the only Brave window open is the new profile.

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