A Little Privacy - please


consider protect us as this little great plugin does: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/a-little-privacy/kjhmfidomefgpbbebodnbakelpabilga?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog

It prevents passing referrer to third parties, removes redirect trackers, ecc

it is a must to me, especially when I end up in google.com (which I must use for my job, to check website ranking)

A few bugs that could be fix for a better customers experience

Hi @francescor the extention request is terribly outdated and hasn’t had any enhancments whatsoever, however this seems like something the team would fix into their Shields as a selection near Cookie Control to be honest which they have insinuated is likely than just forking something from the Chrome store as it would benefit all Brave users.

Just add additional remarks as to what would make it better and we’ll see if they pick upon it. One other thing, unless I’m mistaken, I think all trackers are blocked not matter the redirection but if you see certain things which realy aren’t suppose to come up, you should consider posting it in the designated category on the left of the community page and or @ luke.mulks he works specifaclly on Ad&Track issues; they’re not very active as I imagine they’re too busy on improvements (@ shouldn’t be spaced obviously - I just didn’t want to annoy him here)


Another users has a similar concern here - A few bugs that could be fix for a better customers experience


yes, you are right, but it has not been updated to me just because it works: as you see it’s aim is pretty basic: I really would add its feature as a default in any privacy aware browser!
Try it yourself: try to right click on any google results links, and select “Copy Link Address”, then paste it in a text editor: you will see that any link is rewritten but this rewrite is not shown in the bottom bar when you go over with it with the mouse. I find this practice completely unfair (not to mention privacy and the useless traffic generated by it).


I completely understand where you’re comming from regarding, select “Copy Link Address”. To be honest that’s one of the advantages of startpage.com; I don’t know if you’ve used that particular search engine but it sort of fixes that problem not. That being said, I’m curious how you brought the conversation to “Copy Link Address”, does that particular extension help you; I’m an idot, I didn’t look carefully at your statement “removes redirect trackers”, I figured you’re were talking about website trackers in general which is why was I said 'I think all tracker are blocked not matter the redirection".

You’re also right, it does create useless traffic but I imagine they do so for their own gain, even if some may think it to be very unjust not just from an efficiency stand point but also a privacy satnd point because it’s prbably unique for every user.