A list of vital / desirable extensions, which would enable me to switch from Firefox


I like Brave a lot, and I’ll be keeping it installed. But here is a list of the extensions/addons that I would personally need in order to swop over from Firefox and use Brave as my main browser. I have indicated where the following are already on the “List of Requested Extensions”.


  • (New). Element Hiding Helper (was enabled for Firefox by AdBlock Plus until 2.91, now in a lesser version with v3 due to the new engine). A user-controlled way to selectively block recurring or side-panels images on websites. E.G: see just a news page, without a noxious sidebar of “related” stories and an annoying slide-in at the foot of the page.

  • (New). GoogleMonkeyR. (enabled by Greasemonkey). A way to have Google and DuckDuckGo display their search results in multi-column widescreen. Vital for power searchers.

  • (New). Google Hit Hider by Domain. Block domains from search results, by replacing them with a blank panel. Also works with DuckDuckGo.

  • (New). A “Make link” tool. Right-click on a Web page, make a HTML-coded link to it, to quickly paste into a blog post.

  • (Already on on List of Requested Extension, but not linked). Instapaper support.

  • (Already on List of Requested Extension, and linked). RSS Subscription Extension. A way to force the RSS icon to appear in the toolbar, when available.

  • (Already on List of Requested Extension, and linked). F.B. Purity, fix Facebook. Ideall also Facebook Disconnect, and Unseen for Facebook.


  • (New). DuckDuckMenu. Ability to customise DuckDuckGo.

  • (New). WordPress.com edit redirects - force WordPress blogs to show you the old the “write a new post” page, rather than the horrid new one.

  • (New). A free VPN. Brave has no free VPN, like Browsec or the Opera built-in VPN.

  • (New). A time-saving tool to “right-click, paste in my email address” or other user-configured snippet of text.

  • (Already on List of Requested Extension, and linked). Location Guard, to block geo-tracking.

  • (New). A CryptoMining blocker. (Though possibly using Brave would already block this).

  • (New). A ‘Comment Snob’ to filter comments from websites, especially YouTube.

  • (Already on List of Requested Extension, and linked). A ‘Save to Pinterest’ button.

Thanks for reading.


Like the idea of sending link to email. Right now continue to use control c and control v to copy and paste url, but a button next to the bookmark to send it to my email would be cool. I like the bookmark setup in Brave which has a “View all Bookmarks,” feature where these things can be managed. Has anyone done a you-tube tutorial on the best use of using Brave’s bookmarks? By the way. Anything which helps DuckDuckGo become part of Brave is extra cool!

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