A issues with brave

hi, i´m having troubles with brave. Whatever time i close brave and starded again, all my session are closed and i dont know why can someone help me?

Mobile or pc what version please

@rasper427 Thanks for reaching out! Could you elaborate a bit on the issue? from where you have downloaded brave? Is this happening on clean profile or upgraded one?


i am in the pc version

my issue is when i open a session of facebook youtube twitter ect, when i close brave i opened again all my session are closed

and i downloaded in the official website

Hi @gsarvadnya - check brave://settings/ and the “on startup” options - is that set to continue where you left off? See if that helps, thanks!

no nothing is still the same

@rasper427 Could you please let me know on which platform and brave version are you seeing this issue? To get brave version info, navigate to brave://settings/help.


@gsarvadnya in the pc version of brave

Yes please. Thank you

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