A great browser but lacking bookmarking options


I like your Brave browser for ANDROID BUT it lacks basic BOOKMARK features as compared to Firefox which I use now primarily but would change to if BRAVE had basically the same BOOKMARK options as Firefox…!

  1. missing possibility to import bookmarks (from any bookmark source) !
  2. Firefox main menu automatically adds (without my intervention) an icon for a bookmark file program I have installed where I can save 100’s of bookmarks if I want to other than the browser itself.
  3. missing the possibility to efficiently store MANY bookmarks in a orderly fashion (bookmark file) !
  4. missing the ability to pin shortcuts to the Android desktop!
  5. missing a READING LIST!
    Best just copy mostly what is possible with bookmarks in Firefox and you will have it.

BR, Good browser, seems faster than Firefox…you have a good chance here for market share…