A girl's got her needs Brave (PanicButton)


Okay so this extension.
Basically what “PanicButton” does is it closes all the tabs you have on at the moment by the touch of a button (And you can also configure a keyboard shortcut for it as well), all the pages get saved so when you touch the button again boop they appear again! That way you can hide the pages in case of an emergency and restore them whenever you feel like it.

Well, to put it bluntly, I watch a lot of porn and play a lot of porn games. Like, a lot. A lot a lot. And I do not live by myself and I do not think that the people who I live with would look kindly at my little hobby. But even if you do not watch porn and/or play porn games (By the way, props to you) it can be useful for other reasons. Let’s say you’re buying a gift for someone online and suddenly, bam! That person walks into the room and asks what you’re doing. Now, you gotta act fast, what are you going to do? Just press PanicButton!
(Yeah, so I would really appreciate you guys adding PanicButton because I really like this browser and I do not want to use Chrome again just because of an extension)


there’s a hotkey for this in Firefox - WIndows key + M

Maybe a hotkey shortcut would be more efficient than a tweak?


You can use Control+M or Command+M to minimize the browser window.


Wow, really? Thanks, I honestly didn’t know that.
Just hope I can remember that lmao, I’m pretty bad when it comes to remembering keyboard shortcuts
But anyways, thanks…


Yeah I suppose that’s an easier way to solve that problem.


An easy way to remember it is M for minimize, so CTRL + M(inimize)

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