A forum area for Brazilian and Portuguese users


For reasons of understanding and even organization should have an area for the Portuguese language itself, with that would be easier I believe for the team and even for the users themselves usurfruirem do not think?



I would love it, but since the community and number of users are small, I think is not something that need to be done now.



@Zurzyous @Cloudwolf the current logic is that if we create language-specific categories, but do not have employees to help manage those categories, the users will suffer from a lack of response or other issues.

It’s somewhat unfortunate to be forced into another language, so if anyone has some good ideas on how to make this successful, I would love to hear it. Making the community useful for all users is the goal.



I’ve got funny idea and you sort of answered it yourself @alex

Similar to an Ambassadors street in western countries, particular the U.S & U.K, what if you were to hire an ambassador employee, an actual employee in engineering or other related job much needed within Brave but strictly advertising to someone of Portuguese origin that is fluent in English or someone that can speak Portuguese and English fluently with necessary skills that Brave needs in any part of Brave from design to engineering (part-time) and have those particular employees ‘QA, Support Team & Explain’ for the rest of that community all within the current community.brave

I included the bit ‘Explain’ because that new hire will have to practically view topics that are created and to be created and the reasons to which @Zurzyous created this topic.

Similarly to the way most users are corresponding with you currently @alex the Portuguese users would correspond via @Ambassador4Portuguese
For example, similar topics not to be created again, usually the blue box appears with similar or an exact suggestion appears, if a Portuguese user wanted to voice an opinion, help, contribute, be educated on VPNs, they’ll come across one topic, they would then add a reply to this topic with @Ambassador4Portuguese in their language if they so chose and @Ambassador4Portuguese would then essentially reply back to them if their question are related to the topic, if yes, they continue typing, if not, @Ambassador4Portuguese will create a topic for them and it is typed in both languages either automatically (via software/extension) or it will have to be entered twice unfortunately by @A4P, this way everybody gets to view issues raised and questions answered.
I’m sure @alex you understand that most of these will have to be vetted by you after @A4P corresponds with you. Depending on the person you hire/intern, would obviously translate to whether or not anything needs to be vetted. I mean, I imagine you don’t vet srirams replies given that he’s based in Dublin do you, knowing what you know about him, would you vet him if he translated it to Gaelic?

I can’t remember where I last saw it but there was an English translation of a foreign language or vice versa and it looked rather sophisticated than messy, its layout made it look nice I think.

A great factor of this would be that Brave gains another great developer/coder not only accelerating its usage from other countries but also resulting in faster fixes and Brave updates, not that anyone’s in a rush.

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Regardless, I use Translator both to communicate and / or respond to messages in that language (I intend to learn English on the basis of wanting to pursue an IT career), sorry for not having responded faster.



@alex What do you think about it in the short term? The idea would be to continue without “topic by country” until the community grows? It does not bother me to use the translator to communicate to me, but rather the part that sometimes the translation does not convey what I really want.