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Hi, I think the stats is a good idea in utilizing unused sections in the tab and in differentiating Brave from Chrome as well as assuring users that Brave browser works. Whats needed are options like if I tapped a button on the upper left, right or center labeled as “Statistics”, for example, it will show a dropdown list of blocked ads, trackers, etc. The ability to customize this list is also a good idea like rearranging them alphabetically and by increasing or decreasing amount of items blocked in numbers. And also the ablity to hide these items is welcome. The New tab also displays some website icons upon installation of the app. Please let users add their own icons for their favorite sites as well. It should be scrollable and alphabetically arranged and customizable too, for example, the ability to remove and hide unused icons.


Hi @android_sapien

Thanks for the feedback. I have a couple of questions to help me better understand. Could you review and let me know if I captured your requests appropriately?

For your ‘Statistics’ suggestion, are you looking for something like we have on the laptop version? What I mean is, on the laptop if you visit a site, click on the shield icon and then click on one of the stats, you see what was blocked. Below is an example of where I visited nytimes.com, clicked on the shield, and then clicked on the stat for ‘Ads and trackers Blocked’ - I see a list of what was blocked (clicking on the stat collapses this list):

For the top site tiles displayed on a new tab page, you can long press on one of these to remove it but this will remove it from display permanently (unless you remove/reinstall Brave). We don’t currently have the ability to customize these tiles, so to confirm what you’re looking for, you’d like to be able to:

  • allow users to customize the top site tiles
  • allow users to rearrange the top site tiles
  • allow users to hide tiles (but not necessarily remove them from view permanently)



Hello. Regarding the “Statistics” menu or button, something similar to that of Brave for PCs for easy preview should be fine. Like as you said, clicking the shield button on a particular sites tab would open a list of blocked ads, trackers, etc. for that site or page but adapted for smaller screens. And if the user has opened a new tab, there should be another option beside the blocked ads, trackers and https upgrades icons to show statistical information for individual websites or pages visited on a particular day like how they are listed in History. Just tap the “More” button beside or under the name of the page to expand the info. When you clear History, all of these should also be deleted easily. Another way is to include these info with visited pages in History because it allows the user to clear them all at once. Regarding top site tiles, I confirm the three options you listed with the last one having the option to choose to delete or hide a tile. Thank you for your time reading my late reply. I’ve been busy for a while.

Edit: Please also include an option to reset to zero or clear stat data on new tabs.

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