A few suggestions including defaulting to keyboard view

I think the browser is, on the whole, pretty great. I mostly use it because I’m a big fan of Brave Search and it’s the only way to use that on iOS. But I want to offer some small suggestions which, cumulatively, would make this the perfect browser for me.

  • A preference somewhere that lets me default to having the keyboard open any time I either open the app or open a new tab. If I’m opening my browser on my phone, it’s to search something, no exceptions. Just let me speed that up and default to having the keyboard open whenever I open the app or a new tab! This is my far the feature I’d appreciate the most.
  • Allow us to hide the ‘Brave Features’ list on the … icon on New Tab pages. Nothing against Brave, but I’m not going to use any of those, and I pay for Brave Search Premium so I’m already supporting them haha. It gets in the way, it’s cluttered and annoying.
  • Allow me to view my currently open and synced Brave Mac tabs on the New Tab page. I don’t really need the favourites icons as I use apps for favourites anyway. Would be much more useful to have some clean display of at least some of the currently open tabs on my Macbook. For example, if I’m reading something on my laptop, then leave and open up Brave on my iPhone, I could go to the same webpage in a single tap.
  • Offer a vertical list view for the tab overview. For comparison, look at what DuckDuckGo’s iPhone app does with this. It’s much more condensed and clean. I don’t need to see a preview of the webpage.
  • Let me set my own chosen photo from my photo library as the wallpaper on the New Tab page.
  • Adding on to this, defaulting to keyboard would make the search icon at the bottom redundant; it’s only there because for some reason there’s a notion that someone might open their phone browser and do something other than immediately want to search for something, which just… isn’t how people use their phones. Instead, perhaps a feature like Firefox Focus which lets you close open tabs/clear cookies in a single tap.

The main one I’m hoping for is the option to default to showing the keyboard on both me launching the app and me opening up a new tab. If there was a quick one-tap way to just quickly say ‘make all my tabs go away’ that would be great too.